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Aether chair

Acrylic chair inspired by the greek concept of "æther" this project was created with the intention of representing a philosophical concept and transform it into a tangible object. The chair represents the ephemeral feeling of light and color in natural phenomena into a tangible object.

In this design, the material creates an interplay of transparencies and color gradients that interact with light to craft that “ethereal” moment. Simultaneously, in contrast, the size and weight of the chair ground the object into something concrete, juxtaposing concepts.

"There is the most translucent kind which is called by the name of aether (αίθηρ)" Plato's Timaeus

Materials and Techniques

Sheet acrylic

Frosted finish



Clear and Fluorescent pink

Color customization upon request.


Width: 71.12 cm ⎸ 28”

Depth: 76.2 cm ⎸ 30”

Height: 67.9 cm ⎸ 26-3/4”

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