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The grow-to-table dinnerware set

MAIA is a dinnerware set made from terracotta ceramic that allows the user to grow their own microgreens at home while containing all the necessary elements to serve a complete meal in one central decorative and multifunctional piece.


This "Grow to table" set is inspired by the Farm-to-table concept where the food on the table came directly from a specific farm, without passing through a store, market or distributor, arriving as fresh as possible. In this case the MAIA set allows the user to grow their own micro-greens at home and cut them until the moment cooking.

MAIA considers the small household experience by containing all elements: two plates, two bowls, two saucers, one board and one planter in a single base with enough space for utensils. the set acts as a decorative unit when not being used, appearing as an aesthetic ceramic potting piece. The separate parts stack up within each other intuitively and can be taken out seamlessly when needed.

All of this invites the user to live minimally and consciously.

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